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12th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and their Health Effects: Combustion Engineering and Global Health in the 21st Century - Issues and Challenges
June 5 C 8, 2011
Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
The objectives of this Congress are to provide an international forum to dis?cuss topics on origins, fate, and health effects of combustion by-products. Since risk-based programs rely increasingly on the ability of advanced scientific research to provide mechanistic, diagnostic, and analytical answers to complex problems concerning exposure to air toxicants, this field has gained significant relevance to worldwide environmental policy.
The Congress provides a forum for ad?vanced learning through emphasis on internationally recognized speakers; advanced scientific, health, and engi?neering research presentations; and an extensive poster session. This focus furnishes ample learning experiences and knowledge exchange for all participants. The Congress is especially interested in attracting abstracts and encouraging participation from students and new investigators.
The 12th International Congress will be held in Hangzhou, China. It is the first time for the Congress to be held in a developing country and the Congress is especially interested in the issues about combustion by-products and their health effects in developing countries.
Researchers and practitioners have the opportunity to interact and discuss recent developments and future goals in the control of combustion by-products, as well as to explore in great detail the effects of exposure to combustion emissions on human health and ecosystems.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-Superfund Basic Research Program
Louisiana State University
National Science Foundation
Electric Power Research Institute
Coalitions for Responsible Waste Incineration (CRWI)
State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization
Institute for Thermal Power Engineering, Zhejiang University
Ministry of Education of the People¨s Republic of China