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12th PIC corresponding E-mail:
 Tel:86-571-87952037(Prof. Li)
       87952628(Dr. Lu)
 Address38 Zheda Road
Keynote speakers list:
  • Judith Chow, Sc.D. Nazir and Mary Ansari Chair in Entrepreneurialism and Science and Research Professor, DRI - Reno
  • Tom Hesterberg, Ph.D, MBA Director, Product Stewardship and Environmental Health Navistar, Inc.
  • Barry Dellinger, Ph.D., Patrick F. Taylor Chair of Environmental Chemistry LSU, Director LSU Superfund Research Center
  • Stephania Cormier, Ph.D., Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • Kefa Cen, Ph.D., Department of Energy Engineering Zhejiang University China
  • Shu Tao, Ph.D., College of Urban and Environmental Sciences Peking University China
Local Organizing Committee:
  • Jianhua Yan, Ph.D., Zhejiang University
  • Mingjiang Ni,Ph.D., Zhejiang University
  • Maode Lai, Ph.D., Zhejiang University
  • Minghui Zheng, Ph. D., Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science
  • Pinjing He, Ph.D., Tongji University
  • Minghou Xu, Ph.D., Huazhong Science and Technology University
  • Yong Chen, Ph.D., Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Science
  • Alfons Buekens, Ph. D., guest professor, Zhejiang University
  • Robert Hall, Ph.D., guest professor, Zhejiang University
Executive and International Steering Committee:
  • Barry Dellinger, Ph.D., Louisiana State University (Executive Committee Chair),
  • Ke-fa Cen, Ph.D., Zhejiang University (China)
  • Andrea D¨Anna, Ph.D., University of Naples (Italy)
  • Alfonse Buekens, Ph. D., Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, (Belgium). Guest profes?sor, Zhejiang University
  • Stephania Cormier, Ph.D. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • Brian Gullett, Ph.D., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • William Suk, Ph.D., National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Jian-Hua Yan, Ph.D., (Local Organizing Committee Chair), Zhejiang University (China)
  • Tom Hesterberg, Ph.D., Navistar (industry)
  • Mel Keener, Ph.D., Coalition for Responsible Waste Incineration (industry)
  • Catherine Koshland, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley and Donald Lucas, Ph.D., Law?rence Berkeley Laboratory
  • JoAnn Lighty, Ph.D., University of Utah
  • Slawo Lomnicki, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
  • Gunter Oberdoerster, Ph. D., University of Rochester
  • Douglas G. Smith, Sc.D., AECOM (industry)
  • Ron Wyzga, Ph.D. Electric Power Research Institute (industry)
  • Ralf Zimmerman, Ph.D., GSF Research Center, (Germany)
  • Robert Hall, Ph.D., US EPA retired, Guest professor, Zhejiang University