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Main Test Facilities
  • 0.5 MW CFB Combustion Test Facility
  • Large Cold Mode Furnace (Simulation for 600MW Boiler)
  • 8t/h CWS Atomizing Test Facility
  • 15MW GasmSteam Cogeneration FBC Hot Test Facility
  • Large Multi-Function Gas-Solid Two Phase Flow and Abrasion Test Mode
  • The Large Rich/Lean Coal Particle Separation Test Facility
  • 3.OMW Square and W-Shaped Furnace Test Facility
  • De-NOx and De-SOx and Heat Recover of Flue Gas Test Facility
  • Biomass Gasification Facility for MCV Gas
  • Novel Multi-Function Waste incineration Test Facility (1.OMW)
  • Particle Fuel Turbulent Clean Combustion Test Facility
  • Bio-oil with Flash Pyrolysis Test facility
  • Multi-function CFB Test Facility
  • High Temperature Single Particle Combustion Furnace Test Faciiity
  • Free-oil ignition PC with lnduction-heating for Utility Boilers Test Facility
  • Porous Medium Combustion Test Facility for Gas
  • Pulverized Coal Combustion and Ambience Characters Test Facility
  • Liquid Fuel Combustion and Atomization Characters Test Facility
  • Fuel Cell and Combined Cycle Test System
Main Instruments