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ITPE is very active in the domestic cooperation with universities, institutes and National key Laboratories in China, and fruitful results have been achieved. Within Zhejiang University we have been cooperating with colleges, such as Mathematics, Chemistry Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Material Science and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Environmental and Resource Sciences, Agricultural and Biotechnology. For example, cooperating with Environmental and Resource Sciences College of Zhejiang University, CEU is undertaking the High Technoiogy Research and Progress Projects (863).
Beyond the University we have been cooperating with TSinghua University, Huazhong Science & Technology University, University of Science & Technology of China, institute of Coal Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Science undertaking the High Technology Research and Progress Projects(863) and the National Key Basic Research and Progress Projects(973).
Open to the world, CEU welcome international and domestic researchers to the laboratory to work on cooperation projects. CEU have pmved 33 Open Projects in recent 6 years.