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ITPE is very active in the international cooperative research, development and exchange. From 1997 to 2002, 6 international eonferences have been chaired or co-chaired by scholars from CEU About 70 foreign experts have been invited to delieve lectures in the laboratory. And about 14 students from America or European countries pursed their study in the laboratory. At the same time, lots of experts in CEU have gone abroad toconduct joint research,delieve lectures and attend international conferences,and 6keynote papers have been presented.Several agreements on cooperating cultivation of graduated students between foreign universities, institutes and the laboratory, have been signed, including cooperation with CORIA, INSA and University of Rouen, Ecole des Mines in DOUAI in France, Delft University of Technology in Netherland, Pusan University in Korea, Nebraska University in USA, Duisburg University in Germany.