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Combustion of Coal Water Mixture in Fluidized Beds---The Second Class National Awards for Technological Invention
The developed technology is featured by agglomeration combustion of coal water fuels (including coal washery sludge,coal water mixture sludge etc.) in fluidized beds with high density bed material.This technology has achieved the leading position in the world in the aspect of efficient combustion and low pollution emission. This technology has been widely applied to engineering.
Optimization for Power Coal Blending,Catalytic Combustion and industrializatbn---The Second Class National Awards for Scientific and Technical progress
Based on multi-component nonlinear-programming optimized mathematical modeling, a power coal blending expert system has been developed, in which the neural network, fuzzy mathematics, back--propagation learning algorithm and nonlinear mixed discrete-variables optimization design algorithm are employed. The nonlinear-programming modeling gives better quality and lower cost of blended coal than traditional linear-programming. ZDM series of additives for clean coal combustion have been developed and put into industrial application.A large--scale production line with a capacity of 50,000 ton per year has been operated in Zhejiang Huiming Energy Corporation and the product has been applied to many industrial coal-fired boilers. In order to promote the high-temperature desulfurization efficiency in traveling grate furnaces, a novel two-stage desulfurization process sulfur capture firstly in the coal bed and secondly in the combustion gas, is put forward and it can greatly promote the sulfur removal emdeney to 70~80% in the furnace.A demonstration project of two-stage desuifurization has been established in a traveiing grate furnace in Hangzhou Xidebao Corporation.