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Fluidized Bed Combustion/Gasification and Sludge Incineration Division
Prof. Zhongyang LUO / Prof. Mengxiang FANG / Researcher Zhenglun SHI / Prof. Leming CHENG / Prof. Xiang GAO / Prof. Jingsong ZHOU / Prof. Shurong WANG / Associate Prof. Chunjiang YU
Typical Research and Achievements:
Waste Heat Utilization Division
Prof. Jianhua YAN / Prof. Yong CHI / Prof. Xiaodong LI / Prof. Xuguang JIANG / Researcher Jialin YANG / Prof. Zengyi MA / Prof. Fei WANG / Ph.D Yuqi JIN / Ph.D Shengyong Lu
Typical Research and Achievements:
Coal Water Slurry Combustion Division
Prof. Junhu ZHOU / Prof. Xiang ZHAO / Prof. Jianzhong LIU / Prof. Zhenyu HUANG / Associate Prof. Zhijun ZHOU / Ph.D Jun CHENG / Ph.D Weijuan YANG
Typical Research and Achievements:
Automatic Control and Instrumentation Division
Senior Engineer Xingguo PU / Ph.D Xuecheng Wu
Typical Research and Achievements:
Combustion Measurement and Control

Directed by Academician Cen kefa, academic activities are focused on:
  1. Boiler operation optimization and combustion
  2. Boiler automatic control and computer control in utility plant
  3. Boiler troubleshooting
  4. Study of thermal physics experiment method and intelligent measurement technique.
  Completed scientific and engineering items:3-dimension velocity measurements of high temperature vortex gas spray by cross-correlation method; Computer tomography technology; EMP series electrical micro-pressure meter; Quick determination of Q3&Q4 in mechanical fix bed boiler; Gas-solid two phase flow concentration sampling; Operation guide system for large scale electrical utility boiler; Load control for fluidized bed boiler by microprocessor; Distributive control system for municipal waste fired fluidized bed boiler; Monitoring and auto control system for flue gas desulfurization experiment system; Monitoring and auto control system for large scale fabric dust arrestor experiment system; Performance calculation programming for 300MW electrical utility plant.
  Published teaching material for college students: Study of experimental method for boiler combustion and measurement technology.
Pulverized Coal Combustion Division
Prof. Hao ZHOU / Senior Engineer Xiao JIANG
Typical Research and Achievements:
Engineering Multiphase Flow Division
Prof. Jianren FAN / Associate Prof. Song CHEN / Senior Engineer Jun JIN
Typical Research and Achievements:
Main research fields:
  1. Mechanism of the interaction between gas and solid in the two-phase flows.
  2. Direct numerical simulation of turbulent coherent structures and particle dispersion in gas-solid two-phase flows.
  3. Experimental and numerical simulation of the turbulent boundary layer in gas-solid two-phase flows.
  4. Numerical simulation of the dense gas-solid two-phase flows.
  5. Application in the energy engineering of the Computer Aid Test.
  6. Impact erosion on the heat exchanger by solid particles and anti-erosion technology in gas-solid two-phase flows.