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Zhejiang University, situated at the beautiful scenic city Hangzhou, is one of the largest comprehensive university in China.

The Institute for Thermal Power Engineering (ITPE) of Zhejiang University of China was developed from former Energy Research Institute of the same university. At present, about 50 staffs are employed by ITPE for education and research purposes, which including 1 academician, 23 full professors, 15 associate professors and senior engineer. ITPE provides M.A.Sc. program and Ph.D. program in the area of Thermal Science and Engineering. There are The Clean Energy and Environment Engineering Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education and Institute for Combustion Technology of National CWS Engineering and Technology Center in ITPE. Each year there are over 40 Ph.D. students and about 50 Master students to do their degree work in ITPE. The institute also provides Post Doctorate program. Anyone who got a Doctorate degree from the recognized institutions can apply Post Doctorate fellow in ITPE.

ITPE is a key research and development centre in the area of energy engineering in China. Over thirty R & D projects are carried out in ITPE every year. The projects are awarded by the government as well as the industry. The international cooperative research and development of ITPE is also very active. Several cooperation projects from the United Nations, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Korea have been finished. There are six divisions: Coal Water Slurry Combustion Division; Fluidized Bed Combustion/Gasification and Sludge Incineration Division; Pulverized Coal Combustion Division; Automatic Control and Instrumentation Division; Engineering Multiphase Flow Division and Waste Heat Utilization Division.