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Main Test Facilities
  • CFB Multi-generation System Combining Combustion and Gasification
  • 3.5MW Square and W-Shaped Furnace Test Facility
  • Novel Multi-Function Waste Incineration Test Facility (1.0MW)
  • Particle Fuel Turbulent Clean Combustion Test Facility
  • Porous Medium Combustion Test Facility
  • Pulverized Coal Combustion and Ambience Characters Test Facility
  • Liquid Fuel Combustion and Atomization Characters Test Facility
  • Solid Waste Fluidized Bed Gasification System
  • Flue Gas Multi-Pollutants Control Experimental System
  • Plasma Technology Experimental System
  • High Pressure Thermogravimetric Analysis System
  • Sampling, Collection and Measurement System of Collosol Particles
  • Thermophysical Properties Test Bench of Nanophase Materials
  • Experimental Facility of Bio-hydrogen Producting Reactor
  • Water Coal Slurry Pilot-scale System
  • Multi-parameter On-line Measurement System of Pulverized Coal
  • Coal Mutil-generation Comprehensive Pilot-scale Facility
  • Linux Cluster System for High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Plasma Test Facility Contaminant Deprivation
  • Trace Amount Organic Contaminant Control System
  • Experimental Facility of Sulfur lodin Thermal Chemical Cycle for Hydrogen Production
  • State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Research Center
Main Instruments
HRGC/HRMS Infrared Thermogravimetric Analysis Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectroscopy
Gas Physical & Chemical Abosorption Partical Size Analyzer Parallel Computer
Application for Scholar Fund of Key Laboratory.