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¡¡¡¡Adhering to the operation system of ¡°openness, exchange, competition and alliance¡± and the cooperation concept of ¡°powerful cooperation and collaborative innovation by team introduction and exchange¡± based on characteristics of academic activities in each field, the Laboratory has established a comprehensive high level teaching team integrating domestic and foreign experts, university professors and enterprise staff. The Lab has introduced 6 academician teams, including the team of Professor Marcus (an academician of two colleges in Sweden) and the team of Professor Themelis (an academician of Columbia University. With academic exchange between teams, graduate students got more chances to exchange with academic master face to face and their initial innovation capability was improved. The Laboratory has employed more than 40 internationally renowned professors, including Professor Choi, the Chairman of Combustion Institute of South Korea, and Professor Li Dongqing, an expert of the Thousand Experts Program, to lay a solid foundation for scientific research. Supported by the ¡°Collaborative Innovation Center for Clean Power Generation by Graded Coal Conversion¡±, the Laboratory has promoted industry-university-research cooperation in three universities and four enterprises. To improve the engineering practice ability of graduate students, the Laboratory has employed 10 famous scholars and industrial leaders from other enterprises and universities, (including Professor Zhang Yuzhuo, an academician of Shenhua Group, and Professor Gu Dazhao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering) as doctoral supervisors, and more than 150 technical experts as master's supervisors.
¡¡¡¡ By abroad and deep academic exchange, the Laboratory has well cooperated with relevant research institutes from America, Britain, Japan, Australia, Russia and other countries in scientific research and doctoral candidates cultivation. In recent five years, it has undertaken totally 59 international projects, including US-China agreement cooperation projects, Russia- and Japan-China cooperation projects, and other cooperation projects with BHP Billiton and Air Liquide. The total contract amount involved is RMB 77.03 million and the actual amount received is RMB 40.78 million. The Laboratory has hosted or participated in 10 projects/subjects in International Science and Technology Cooperation Program of China (863 Program), 5 international cooperation projects/subjects of National Key Research and Development Program, 4 projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of China and other 8 vertical international cooperation projects and 32 horizontal international cooperation projects.
¡¡¡¡In addition to fruitful achievements in scientific research, the Laboratory has been paying much attention to academic exchange and encouraging teachers, graduate students and doctoral students to participate in discussion and exploration of frontier topics on different disciplines both at home and abroad. The academic atmosphere is active in the Laboratory. Many research groups discuss and give speeches on different academic issues regularly and irregularly.







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