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The Laboratory, attaching much importance to researches on academic theory, combination of practice and theory and accumulation and summary of scientific researches, has made great academic achievements and published more than 20 books in recent five years, including 8 books in English, such as Low-Rank Coals for Power Generation, Fuel and Chemical Production, Hydrogen Generation from Ethanol using Plasma Reforming Technology, Plasma Remediation Technology for Environmental Protection, Vertically-Oriented Graphene, Simultaneous Multi-Pollutants Removal in Flue Gas by Ozone, Mercury emission and its control in Chinese coal-fired power plants.
In the evaluation period from 2013 to 2017, the Laboratory published 1157 papers recorded by SCI which were cited 11728 times, including 11 highly cited papers listed by ESI. As classified by JCR ranking of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 199 of these papers (17%) are in Ranking 1, and 557 (48%) are in Ranking 2, while 5 have an impact factor of up to 10 and 188 have impact factors between 5 and 10 (the highest impact factor is 33). In addition, the Laboratory published 677 papers in Chinese journals, including 306 recorded by EI. Totally 7 students got the award of and 4 got the award nomination of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.
In addition, the Laboratory participated in preparation of 5 national standards and 15 industrial standards in 2013~2017. The laboratory pays much attention to intellectual property protection. It has not only made much innovative achievement in scientific research, academic exchange, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, but also obtained more than 300 national invention patents, more than 100 utility model patents and registered 20 computer software copyrights.
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