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1、Calculation and measurement of multiphase complex reaction system: research on direct numerical simulation, advanced combustion measurement, diagnostic theory and method for turbulence flow of multiphase complex reaction system, and optimal design and operation of process of energy and power system based on Computer Aided Translation (CAT).
    # Flame rule and direct numerical simulation theory of complicated gas-solid and gas-liquid two phase combustion
    # Full scale direct numerical simulation for two-phase flow & thermal conduction
    # Planar laser induced fluorescence (PLIF) free radical measuring technology
    # Holographic particle image velocimetry (HPIV) measuring technology
    # Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) based gasometry technology
    # CAT technology for combustion optimization in large capacity utility boilers
2、Efficient and clean utilization of fossil fuel: research on clean and efficient utilization in conversion by grade and quality of coal, efficient and cleaning combustion, direct conversion and comprehensive utilization of low-rank coal, clean and efficient utilization of liquid and gas fuel.
    # Action mechanism of gas-solid turbulence structure in high-efficiency and low-pollution combustor
    # Advanced laser measurement technology in process of gas-solid two-phase flow and combustion
    # Principles and construction methods for low NOx combustion and control optimal system based on computational intelligence
    # Nitrogen oxide control mechanism and deep denitration approach of denitration system
    # Fundamental research combustion thermal acoustics, solutions for boiler combustion vibration in Rabigh Power Plant of Saudi Arabia and technology of clean combustion with oil replaced by coal water slurry and its industrialization applications
3、New energy and advanced energy system: research on extraction of clean fuel by gasification and liquefaction of biomass, efficient combustion of biomass, hydrogen generation with coal and biomass, etc.
    # Selective control of biomass pyrolysis
    # Bio-oil upgrading by classification
    # Production of new clean liquid fuel
    # Synthesis gas with high H/C ratio produced by directional gasification of biomass
    # New approach for synthesis of biomass liquid fuel
    # A new generation of biomass direct-fired power generation based on circulating fluidized bed technology
4、Efficient and clean utilization of waste energy: research on combustion, pyrolysis, gasification and other theoretical technology of combustible wastes and efficient and clean utilization of combustible solid wastes
    # Research on the mechanism of source distribution and upgrading of complex component wastes with high efficiency and cleanliness
    # Research on mechanism of oxygen-controlled thermal conversion processes with low pollutant emissions
    # Research on multi-channel coupling control of dioxin pollutants in the process of waste energy utilization
    # Research on mechanism of microbial energy utilization of organic waste water based on bioelectrochemistry
    # Research on theory and method of absorption refrigeration driven by low grade thermal energy
    # Research on integrated technology of efficient and clean utilization of waste and its industrial application
5、Generation and control of burning pollutants: research on control of SOx, NOx, small particles and CO2 pollutants, trace toxic and hazardous substance generation and migration rules, theory of synergetic removal of multiple pollutants, and ultra-low emission control of coal-fired flue gas pollutants during energy use
    # Theory and application of efficient SCR flue gas denitration
    # Theory and application of semi-dry flue gas purification in synergetic removal of multiple pollutants
    # Theory and application of integrated desulphurization and nitrate mercury control with wet method
    # Theory and application of synergetic removal of multiple pollutants by active molecules
    # Research on pollutants by ozonation and their cooperative absorption
    # Experimental research on removal of multi-ozone-pollutants
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