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Energy and environment is one of the most important and popular subjects in the world today. The State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization£®CEU£©focuses on fundament and application researches in energy and environment.
The main research subjects at CEU include: Efficient and Clean Utilization of Fossil Fuel; New and Advanced Energy System; Clean Utilization of Low Grade Energy; Pollutants Formation, Transmission, Measurement and Control during Energy Utilization; and Numerical Simulations in Multiphase Reaction System.
CEU is also one of the high education bases in the field of energy and environment in China. CEU owns the national key specialty of Engineering Thermophysics. It provides bachelor program, master program,doctor program, and post-doctoral program. CEU undertakes the National Key Research and Progress Projects such as "211" and "985" projects.
With a competitive research team and advanced facilities, CEU has been a key unit for high-tech research, development and education in the energy and environment fields in China and the world.
Academic Committee Chairman: Prof. Kefa CEN, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Director: Prof. Zhongyang LUO.
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