The 7th International Conference on Hydrogen Production

ICH2P 2016 Held in Hangzhou

  The opening ceremony for the 7th International Conference on Hydrogen Production ICH2P 2016, organized by Zhejiang University is ceremoniously held in Zhejiang Hotel on May 9, 2016, this is the first conference in China. Professor A.T.A.M. de Waele, the Vice President of the International Institute of Refrigeration, Yao Shulie, the Vice President of Hangzhou Association for Science and Technology, Wang Qidong, the former Vice President of Zhejiang University, and Cen Kefa, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering attend the Conference. Teacher Zhu Shiqiang, the Deputy Secretary of CPC of Zhejiang University, attends the Conference and delivers a speech.
   Teacher Zhu expresses warm welcome to distinguished guests and points out that as the world is confronted with great challenges in energy, this Conference will certainly play an important role in promoting international exchange and cooperation among scholars worldwide and discussing and addressing vital problems related to hydrogen preparation, storage and utilization and to energy in the future. Professor Ibrahim Dincer, the Vice President of International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), on behalf of the Association, extends gratitude to the organization committee of the Conference for its elaborate organization and to sponsors for their enthusiastic sponsorship. Professor Mao Zongqiang, the Vice President of Chinese Association of Hydrogen Energy (CAHE), on behalf of the Association, expresses welcome to representatives and wishes the conference success.
   This Conference is jointly organized by State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University, and IAHE, and co-organized by CAHE and Hangzhou Energy Society. On the ICH2P 2016 Conference, more than 120 papers from 14 countries and regions, including 8 invited lectures and over 80 oral lectures are delivered. Professor Ibrahim Dincer at University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the Vice President of IAHE, Professor Maximilian B. Gorensek, the Associate Editor of International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Professor Gustav R. Grob, the Initiator and the Chairman of ISO/TC203/WG3 of International Standard of Hydrogen Energy, Professor IP Jain at University of Rajasthan, Professor Xiangdong Yao at Griffith University, Professor Mao Zongqiang, the Vice President of CAHE, Professor Liao Qiang at Chongqing University and Professor Zheng Jinyang at Zhejiang University are invited to deliver reports.
   This Conference receives the strong support from universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad and is attended by more than 100 representatives from USA, Canada, Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. On the Conference, experts and scholars make in-depth discussion on biomass, hydrogen production from biomass, fuel cell, hydrogen combustion and utilization, hydrogen storage and safety, hydrogen reforming technology, thermochemical cycle and other hydrogen production technologies; the Conference effectively advances the academic exchange and cooperation in hydrogen energy production, storage and utilization at home and abroad and provides an effective platform for cooperation and exchange among domestic and overseas scholars and research institutes.
   Professor Chen Liming at Zhejiang University, Professor Qiu Limin, the Executive Vice-President of Chu Kochen Honors College, Professor Gao Xiang, the Vice President of College of Energy Engineering, and Zhao Chuanxian, the Deputy Secretary of CPC of College of Energy Engineering, are invited to attend the opening ceremony. Professor Wang Zhihua at Zhejiang University acts as the chairman of the Conference.