Notice on Delivering an Academic Report by Professor Kanaoka from Kanazawa University


  Dear teachers,
   Professor Kanaoka at Kanazawa University will deliver an academic report in Meeting Room 219, State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization/Institute for Thermal Power Engineering in Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University at 13:30-16:30 on December 22, 2016 (Tuesday).
   Professor Kanaoka was graduated from Kyoto University with a doctoral degree in 1973 and majored in Chemical Engineering. Now, he is an honorary professor of Kanazawa University and National Institute of Technology, Ishikawa College and mainly gets involved in the research fields including mechanism for collection of fine particles and particle trap system and aerodynamics for separating fine particles from airflow.
   Professor Kanaoka will give a detailed report on mechanism for coal-fired flue gas dust removal and current major dust removal devices. Please organize students to join us.

   Institute for Thermal Power Engineering of Zhejiang University, 201611