The success of kick-off meeting of National Key R&D Program
”°Coal pyrolysis combustion poly-generation technology based on power generation”±

””””On September 15, 2018, the kick-off meeting of National Key R&D Program ”°Coal pyrolysis combustion poly-generation technology based on power generation”± was successfully holding in Hangzhou. Many leaders and guests attended the meeting, including high-tech center of MOST: director Shuoyi Chen, general expert group: Prof Zhongxiao Zhang, senior engineer Chunqi Li, Prof Yunhan Xiao, Project expert group: Prof Minghua Du, Prof Yun Tang, Prof Li Nie, scientific research institute of Zhejiang University: deputy dean Chongde Sun, college of energy engineering: Prof Kefa Cen, Prof Xiang Gao, Prof Junyang Zheng, Prof Zhongyang Luo, and project directors or researchers from 19 units.
””””The meeting was hosted by Xingchao Ma of the research institute of Zhejiang university, and deputy dean Chongde Sun delivered the welcome speech on behalf of Zhejiang University. Then Director Shuoyi Chen put forward requirements on the implementation process, research content, integrity construction and other issues of the project, introduced the professional management of National Key R&D Program, and raised hopes for the project management of Zhejiang university.
Prof Kefa Cen of China's Academy of Engineering introduced the significance of the project's research and development and raised hopes for the implementation of the project. Prof Xiang Gao and Prof Jinyang Zheng presented the appointment letters for project experts.
””””Afterwards, the project leader, Prof Mengxiang Fang, reported the project research content, objectives and project implementation plan in detail. The research team of this project includes 19 research units at home and abroad, including Zhejiang University, IP of CAS, Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Coal Research Institute. There are five topics under the project. The experts at the meeting fully affirmed the project team's unremitting scientific research work at the early stage and reviewed the project implementation plan. Meanwhile, the expert group also put forward valuable opinions and suggestions from different professional perspectives.
””””Director of high-tech center of MOST, Shuoyi Chen introduced the relevant rules of project management from four aspects, proposed a series of requirements and guidelines for project management and operation, clarified the relevant responsibilities of each unit, and pointed out the direction for the follow work of the project.
””””Finally, each subject responsible unit introduces the research content, work implementation plan and expected results, and the experts discussed the implementation plan of the subject.
””””Through this project kick-off meeting, the leaders and experts have reviewed the content of the project in detail, gave a comprehensive guide for the future, and provided a solid guarantee for the progress of project implementation. It is believed that with the efforts of the research team, this project will finish the target on time and finally achieve breakthrough results.