The success of annual symposium of National Key R&D Program
High performance absorbent / adsorbent materials and technology for CO2 capture (2017YFB0603300)

On June 15, 2018, the annual symposium of National Key R&D Program High performance absorbent / adsorbent materials and technology for CO2 capture (2017YFB0603300) was successfully holding in Yuquan campus, Zhejiang University. Many leaders and guests attended the meeting, including high-tech center of MOST: director Shuoyi Chen, deputy director Weidong Zhu, Li Zhan, general expert group: Prof Xinbin Ma and Prof Qiang Yao , Project expert group: Prof Jian Chen, Prof Zhiwu Liang, Prof Jian Zhang, Prof Xiangping Zhang, Zhejiang University: Prof Xiao Jiang, Prof Jinyang Zheng, Prof Zhongyang Luo. The research team of the project includes 19 research units at home and abroad, including Zhejiang University, Institute of Process of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University, Tsinghua University and Shenhua Institute of International Studies. The project consists of 5 subjects. Advanced CO2 absorbent, advanced adsorbent, advanced technological progress and engineering demonstration are respectively studied, and a 150000 ton/year CO2 capture system will be established.
At the beginning of the symposium, deputy director Weidong Zhu introduced that high-tech center of MOST is the responsible department of National Key R&D Program which should provide services to project and lead units. Minister Xiao Jiang thanked for the support of high-tech center of MOST and stressed the importance of the annual symposium to complete the project with high quality.

Prof Qinhui Wang, the project manager, reported on the basic information of the project, the implementation plan, the research progress, the use of funds and the indicators of completion. He made an annual summary of the whole project and explained the preliminary completion of the project. Then, the leaders of each sub-project reported the sub-project overview and project implementation plan in detail.

Researcher Hui wang, the leader of sub-project 1, introduced the research progress of low energy absorber and its large-scale preparation work. For development of absorbent, she reported the research results of ionic liquid, two-phase absorbent and non-aqueous amine absorbent, and also conducted comprehensive performance evaluation and recovery/regeneration technology research.

For sub-project 2, based on the research result of sodium, calcium and high efficiency amine adsorbent, Shengping Wang compared the properties of different adsorbent materials, introduced the related amplification synthesis experiments, and made a highly summary of the research and development of high performance adsorbent materials and its large-scale preparation.

The leader of sub-project 3, Prof Xiaofei Zeng introduced the technologies of super gravity reinforcement, novel improved plastic packing, direct steam regeneration, membrane heat recovery and high efficiency plate heat exchanger in detail. Meanwhile, the problem of energy consumption and industrial amplification were discussed.

The leader of sub-project 4, Prof Qinhui Wang introduced simulation results and operation plans of distributed heat transfer, hierarchical desorption, interstaged cooling and MVR.

The leader of sub-project 5, Zhijiang Liu reported the progress of 150000 ton/year CO2 capture system
After hearing the report of project team, the participating experts spoke highly of the project team's work, and emphasized the importance of collaborative work. Director Shuoyi Chen pointed out that project leaders should carry out specific work on the implementation of the program and take the initiative to do pioneering work. In addition, how to reduce project risk, and how to optimize collaboration of different sub-projects were discussed.
Through this project symposium, the leaders and experts have reviewed the content of the project in detail, gave a comprehensive guide to the future of the team, and provided a solid guarantee for the progress of project implementation. It is believed that with the efforts of the research team, this project will finish the target on time and finally achieve breakthrough results.