Letter of Thanks

Zhejiang University,
   The task of air pollution control assigned to you was finished along with the successful conclusion of the grand G20 Hangzhou Summit. During the Summit, the air quality in Hangzhou was up to excellent standard, which shows the world the sound ecological environment of Hangzhou and makes a deeper impression. Academician Cen Kefa from College of Energy Engineering made great contributions in the air pollution control during the G20 Summit; he led and organized teachers and students of research groups to sample, monitor and analyze pollutants in connection with air quality around the clock between August 24, 2016 and September 20, 2016, and they assessed guarantee measures in a dynamic manner and analyzed the impact of guarantee measures taken in different areas and by different industries in Yangtze River Delta on the improvement of environmental and air quality in Hangzhou. Their real-time and dynamic assessment reports made every day were important materials for air pollution control during the G20 Summit, provided scientific basis for effective control of PM2.5 during the G20 Summit and received high appreciation from leaders and expert groups of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (current Ministry of Ecology and Environment).
   Here we express our sincere appreciation and great respect to Academician Cen! We wish you enjoy a booming business!
   Environmental Protection Agency of Hangzhou
   October 2016