2016 Award Ceremony of Cen Kefa Education Fund

Scholarships of Zhejiang University

  2016 Award Ceremony of Cen Kefa Education Fund Scholarships of Zhejiang University
   The 2016 Award Ceremony of Cen Kefa Education Fund Scholarships and Summing-up Meeting of Institute for Thermal Power Engineering is held in No. 7 Teaching Multimedia Room, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University at 9:30 a.m. on January 13, 2017. Professor Cen Kefa, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Ni Mingjiang, the President of Institute for Sustainable Energy of Zhejiang University and the Chairman of the Management Committee of Cen Kefa Education Fund and more than 200 teachers and students attend the Ceremony. Professor Luo Zhongyang, the President of College of Energy Engineering, presides over the Meeting.
   At the beginning of the Ceremony, Professor Ni Mingjiang introduces the foundation background and operation of Cen Kefa Education Fund in Zhejiang University; he points out emphatically that, since its inception, Cen Kefa Education Fund has expanded the coverage of scholarships to postgraduates and undergraduates of the whole school, and he hopes the students could grasp the opportunity, study harder and assiduously and get involved in innovation work energetically to live up to the anticipation and expectation of the Academician Cen.
   Professor Luo Zhongyang provides detailed information about the review criteria for Cen Kefa Scholarships and publicizes the list of 95 scholarship recipients and 5 grant recipients of 2016 from the Institute for Thermal Power Engineering, College of Energy Engineering; and then Academician Cen presents awardees with awards and takes a group photo with them. Zhang Mengmei, a doctoral student of grade 2014, on behalf of awardees, gives a speech and extends sincere respect and appreciation to Academician Cen and says the students will let the Ceremony be their new starting point from which they will treat the encourage as impetus to be worthy of the appreciation and trust and give back to our country and community through unremitting efforts and hard work.
   The solicitude of the Academician Cen for students deeply touches everyone and his rigorous scholarship, noble-minded moral sentiment and personality of keeping unremitting efforts have impacted several generations of academics. Academician Cen has been making energetic and unremitting efforts to pursue achievements in scientific research, has been staying true to original aspiration and devoting his sincere enthusiasm in talent cultivation, has been pursuing team development and keeping distinguished talents together over more than 50 years of talent cultivation and has been sticking to the spirit of being practical-minded and seeking truth and has been being concerned of the development of academic subject in the future with a vision of forward looking and saving for a rainy day. Students offer their flowers to Academician Cen to express their greetings and best wishes and wish him good health and a happy New Year on the occasion of his 82nd birthday.
   After the Ceremony, the Annual Work Summary Meeting of departments and divisions of Institute for Thermal Power Engineering is held and hosted by the Professor Chi Yong. Representatives from waste research laboratory, fluidized bed research laboratory, coal water slurry research laboratory, computation research laboratory, fuel research laboratory, pulverized coal research laboratory, testing research laboratory and Qingshanhu Energy Base sum up and exchange opinions on their work of 2016 and states their thought and expectation for work of 2017. The spirit of doing scientific research through "the skilled instructing the fresh" and "passing down knowledge and experience from one generation to another" is taken deep root in the mind of attendees after exchange and interaction of research groups; the spirit of unity and cooperation which features taking advanced model as example and maintaining awareness of keeping in alignment and making progress takes shape and encourages everyone; the spirit of being grateful, respecting the elder and giving support to the youth and the feeling of cohesive family group warm the heart of everyone.
   In the end, Academician Cen Kefa highly praises the work of the departments and divisions of Institute for Thermal Power Engineering over 2016. He says that, in 2016, the Institute for Thermal Power Engineering has gained significant achievements, implemented abundant key scientific research programs and made sound performance in talent cultivation. 2016 is a turning point for disciplinary development and many achievements indicate that we are gradually increasing the summary of scientific problems in innovation; he hopes that, in 2017, all teachers and students will unite in a concerted effort and harness the energy of youth to promote the better and faster development of Institute for Thermal Power Engineering together.
   The Meeting comes to a successful end in a harmonious atmosphere. Best wishes are given to all teachers and students: Happy Spring Festival! Everything be well!