Professor Wang Shurong, et al Publish a Long Review Article

On-line in a Top Energy Journal

  Professor is invited to publish a review article titled "Lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis mechanism: a state-of-the-art review" in Progress in Energy and Combustion Science on-line.
   Funded by the Science Fund for Creative Research Groups, the Key Program Fund, the Young Scientists Fund and series of general fund programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, this article systematically describes the current research situation of lignocellulose biomass pyrolysis, introduces in detail the structural features and pyrolysis behaviors of the three biomass components, namely cellulose, hemicellulose and lignose, reviews advanced diagnosis technologies, macrodynamics modeling and micro-theoretical calculation currently adopted in the research of biomass pyrolysis mechanism, summarizes on this basis the optimization methods of existing biomass pyrolysis systems, including catalytic pyrolysis and biomass pre-treatment technology, and puts forward future research direction to address the current challenges of biomass pyrolysis research direction. It is of significant reference importance for future research of advanced biomass pyrolysis technologies.
  Progress in Energy and Combustion Science
  Progress in Energy and Combustion Science has an impact factor of 16.784 (5-year impact factor of 23.634) and ranks first in mechanical engineering (132 journals) and thermodynamics (58 journals). Link of the article:
   Professor Wang mainly researches biomass pyrolysis and conversion, and has been awarded the First Prize of 2016 Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education (Place No. 1), and included in the Most Cited Chinese Researchers released by Elsevier for 3 consecutive years. A published monograph in English and wrote by him as the first author has been included in the list of National Key Publications for the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period.