"The Beauty of Exchange" -- The 12th Japan-Korea-China Student Symposium
  The 12th Japan-Korea-China Student Symposium is organized in Tokyo, Japan on March 15, 2018. 
  This Symposium is jointly initiated by top universities and research organizations from these three countries: Zhejiang University (ZJU), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech.) and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and has had a history of over a decade. It is held once every year at sites in the three sides in turn. To improve their international communicative competence, broaden their global vision, and make full preparation for future academic research, the students are responsible for the full process including preparation, communication, invitation, presentation, conclusion, etc. under the support and guidance of professors and scholars from China, Japan and Korea. 
  The 12th Japan-Korea-China Student Symposium is held in Tokyo, Japan. 8 students from our university, under the leadership of Professors Chi Yong, Qiu Kunzan and Zhang Yanwei, make presentations and conduct academic exchange during the event at Tokyo Tech. 
  This event involves different researches of the three countries in such areas as energy, chemical engineering and machinery, including many crossing disciplines, for example heat and mass transfer, energy chemistry and fluid computation simulation. Although majored in different specialties, the students make active speeches, and cause collision of ideas from different research perspectives. They have built a friendship with others through mutual exchange! In addition to making a friend with others and vision broadening, they have also learned different ideas! 
  This event finally drew to a complete close under the support and guidance of 14 professors from China, Korea and Japan! In the closing ceremony, Professor Takayoshi Inoue from Japan delivers an exciting speech and encourages the students to study hard! Two students from our university, Hou Chenglong and Lin Xiaodan give very splendid presentations and are awarded the Best Presentation Award!